About Families Together

A creative day program for adults and senior!

Seven years ago, Daniel Estevez, began working in the child and senior welfare field, supporting families, young people, and seniors. Daniel supported families and young people who were involved with the Department of Children & Families and supported seniors who were involved with different Senior Care agencies in Worcester county. Daniel assisted individuals and families by allowing them to have access to services that would strengthen each individual and families being served.

In 2015, Daniel moved on from the child welfare field and started at what is now Families Together, LLC Adult Day Health Care Center. His motivation to create such program came from his passion of serving individuals in need and his desire to create a unique program that would accomplish its purpose of preventing adults and seniors to transition to nursing homes and allow families to remain together at home. Also, as child, Daniel remembers that both of his grandparents suffered from Alzheimers and Parkinson’s Disease. Not knowing why his grandparents didn’t remember their grandchild, was troublesome for Daniel. This traumatic event, led Daniel to become interested in learning about the diseases his grandparents suffered from. This was his greatest motivation to begin Families Together, LLC Adult Day Health Center in order to be around individuals with similar diseases and care for them to the best of his abilities.

Daniel vision was create a warm and welcoming space where adults and seniors who are attending Families Together ADH can boost their well-being through an array of services such as personal care, medication management, nutrition, and therapeutic activities. It is very important for Daniel that while receiving these services, the individual may achieve their ultimate well being by accomplishing his or her medical and social goals. Each individual will be able to do that due to Daniel vision to put together the best care team possible by making sure that each staff member demonstrate compassion, patience, responsibility, and most important, a lot of love! 

Welcome to Families Together!

¡Bienvenido a Families Together!